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P I E R R E   P E R S H I N G


Every piece of art is uniquely crafted, in styles of minimalism or abstract expressionism. These two styles are also at times melanged into one work, to create a multi layered composition and spatial integration.


Through his work, Pierre Pershing seeks to compose bespoke statements of high art, refinement and luxury. He believes that every element (line, splatter, composition) should be unique in its purpose and placement, every canvas tailored in its size and form, and every art personal to the owner or commissioner. And finally, every Pierre Pershing work should be complimentary to its location and space. 

He draws inspiration from Architecture, Geometry, Interior Design and Industrial Design, as well as Music, Pop Culture and Numerology. He is fond of influential past and present artists Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Donald Judd and Paul Kremmer. 



Based in Toronto, Canada. Graduated from OCAD University's Environmental Design Program with a Bachelor of Design. Gained Scandinavian Design experience completing an International Exchange Program in Copenhagen, Denmark at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.

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